Unlimited calling.

Reliable, low cost phone technology.

The latest voice technology allows you to use voice over internet protocol service. Broadband networks are monitored and built to deliver reliability, call clarity and an unsurpassed quality of service.  You enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada as well at enchanced 911 and more than 15 calling features that come standard all great quality and value for just one low flat rate monthly rate.

Utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol service drumbeat offers the latest in voice technology for residents at your property. Our broadband networks are built and monitored to deliver call clarity, reliability and quality of service. With unlimited local and long distance calling to anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, enhanced 911 and over 15 standard calling features, residents experience great quality and great value for one low flat monthly rate.

Keep existing phone number and use existing equipment. No computer required. Whole property digital phone service options are also available.

Features abound with our digital phone service.

  • Music on hold – Callers listen to music while holding
  • Repeat dial – Redials the last number you called
  • Speed Dial – Up to 10 pre-programmed frequently dialed numbers
  • Call Transfer – Transfer any call to another voice mail or number
  • Call Block – Block out calls to international numbers
  • Do not Disturb – Forward all calls to voice mail without them ringing
  • Call return – Call back the last number that called
  • Caller id – View incoming caller information
  • Caller id block – Block your number from being seen
  • Call re-direct – Re-direct calls to a specific number
  • Black list – Specify incoming numbers to be blocked
  • Call rejection call forwarding – Don’t take calls from anonymous numbers
  • Call waiting – Take a second call while on another call
  • Voice mail – Manage and receive voice mails by web, email and phone

Making today's voice technology available at your location.

  • Technology.

Digital telephone service works by routing calls over the internet using Voice over Internet Protocol. Residents can use their existing phone equipment and internet connection to place calls and can even bring their existing number with them.

  • Unlimited Calling.

With the drumbeat digital phone service your residents can call anytime, anywhere in the U.S. including Canada and Puerto Rico. They pay one low flat rate for unlimited minutes and unlimited long distance.

  • Calling Features.

Our digital phone service is feature rich offering more than 15 standard calling features such as voice mail, caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, black list, music on hold and more.

  • Voice Mail.

Residents can get their voice mail messages from almost anywhere. Voice mail can be accessed and listened to by phone, online and sent to an email account as an audio file attachment.

  • E911.

In cases of an emergency your residents can dial 911 as always. Enhanced 911 will provide emergency response with their resident telephone number and location.



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Unlimited calling.

Reliable, low cost phone technology.



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