The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is finalizing details for the new reimbursement method, required new health care laws.

Running a healthcare facility takes dedication and passion.  Over the past few years your business plan has been altered by new rules for getting your payment reimbursement from Medicare.  It's been said that over 3,000 hospitals will be affected by the new rules. 

Starting in 2012, patient gripes will affect how much you get paid by Medicare.

Medicare has been publishing patient-satisfaction scores on its Hospital Compare website since 2008, but hasn’t used them to adjust payments. Under CMS’s “value-based purchasing proposal, Medicare will begin withholding 1 percent of its payments to hospitals starting in October 2012. That money — $850 million in the first year — will go into a pool to be doled out as bonuses to hospitals that score above average on several measures. The agency’s final rule is due out soon.

Partly linking payments to patient satisfaction may hurt hospitals in regions where patients tend to render less-than-glowing judgments, including the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey and Hawaii. The District and New York State rank at the bottom: 59 percent of patients in both places give their hospital experiences a top rating, lower than anywhere else except the Virgin Islands. Nationally, an average of 67 percent of patients give their hospitals a top rating.

CMS says more than 3,000 hospitals will be affected. Under the proposal, patient scores would determine 30 percent of the bonuses, while clinical measures for basic quality care would set the rest. Hospitals argue the scores should have less weight, but nevertheless are trying to figure out how to improve their rankings.

“These are hard scores to improve, and I think that’s why hospitals get frustrated,” says Dale Shaller, a Minnesota health care researcher who oversees the national patient survey database for the federal government.

Okay, so the facts are pretty clear - Now what?

Now, in addition to providing your patients with top medical care you will now be subject to those patients over all satisfaction comments about their experience with your facility.  Medical care is your business, patient satisfaction is our business.

The good news is that while we assist you to increase your patient satisfaction and the payment reimbursement that is connected to their options, we will be able to improve the tools that you already use to run your facility in the most productive manner.

Everyone knows Direct TV but most of our clients did not know just how far our industry has come in offering a total solution for the healthcare industry.  We'd like to share this information with you today.  You can discover more information about the tools below and how they improve your facility or you can give our healthcare team a call at 1-888-203-7686 to get the information you need today.  On a tight schedule? We appreciate your time.  Use our quick request form below and we will reach out to you during a time that works best.


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