Popular questions asked by our clients.


1. Why should I choose DirecTV Sat as my Private Cable System provider?
DirecTV Sat provides Private Cable Services to Hotels, Bars & Restaurants, Hospitals, Long-Term Care and a host of other facilities as an industry leader. We are committed to excellence which has served us well in the past and helps to insure that our clients will receive the highest levels of customer service and support they’ve come to expect.

2. How is a Private Cable System from DirecTV Sat different from the service I currently receive from my Cable Provider?
Owning a Private Cable System from DirecTV Sat puts you in the driver’s seat of your television service. You will notice our exceptional first class service, excellent signal quality, flexible channel line-ups, and reliable system performance.  And best of all you will experience our savings of 30-70% over traditional cable rates.

3. Am I in control of what I can watch; can I choose the programming and the number of channels for my system?
Yes. We will personally set you up with a DirecTV Sat staff consultant to create a channel line-up that will meet the needs of your facility and your budget.

4. Are my local broadcast channels available with DirecTV Sat?
Local broadcast channels are available in most areas.

5. Can DirecTV Sat provide High-Speed Internet service?
Yes. You can choose to have High-Speed Internet. It can be included in almost all of our system designs. You will see that we provide better than market pricing on Internet services.  And we make it simple by having no costly re-wiring fees like most other companies. At a discounted price you can experience first class service, first class speed and first class quality, just as it should be.

6. What is an “In House” information channel?
You can personally set up a channel to provide community information such as Birthdays, Events, Security Cameras, Chapel Service Broadcast or other in house video productions.

7. Is there a list of channels?
DirecTV Sat offers a complete guide of channels with show times and programming availability.

8. Will DVD or VCR films work on a Private Cable System?
A special channel is provided to be used with a DVD or VCR; Copyright rules and restrictions may apply.

9. What is required equipment?
The type and number of channels determines the specific equipment needed. Be assured that the equipment provided is to the standard of equipment used by major cable companies around the world.

10. Where is the equipment located?
The location needs both electronically power and conditioned air. Typically the equipment is placed in a room or closet near the existing cable service entrance.

11. How long is the installation for a Private Cable System?

The typical installation for a cable system will take about 1-2 days. Times may be more or less depending on the system needed or the facility size and condition of existing cable distribution network.

12. How reliable will my Satellite TV reception be?
The most reliable form of signal reception is Satellite TV.  That is in fact why current cable companies use satellite reception to receive most of the channels they offer.

13. What payment options are available to me?
We offer two simple methods of payment. You may lease the system which is our most used option.   You would lease our equipment for 36, 48, 60, or even 72 months with a $1.00 buyout at the end of your lease term. Your other option is to purchase your system “Outright”.

14. Will the weather affect my signal?
If using the proper Satellite Dish, the weather should have little to no affect on signal quality.

15. What steps do I take to get my system serviced?
Our systems are designed to provide the highest levels of quality but occasionally the need for service may arise. You can contact the technical support department at DirecTV Sat and we will make every effort to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, if the issue ever arises.  

16. Is a warranty provided?
Almost every product that is used in our system does carry a one to five year manufacturer’s warranty, which is dependent on the service type. All of our installation labor is warranted for one year from date of installation. However at an affordable rate we offer an additional extended warranty.

17. Do I need an antennae and what size?

 Usually a single Dish Antenna is used. On occasion you may need an additional antenna to deliver certain specific specialty programming.  The typical size of a Dish is 24” to 36”.

18. In the future can I channels to my system?
Yes, you are in control.  Since you have the choice to pick your channel line-up, you also determine when it’s time to add channels. However the addition of channels does require additional equipment and may incur additional programming fees, you can talk to your representative to find out more.

19. Are there any other technological services that DirecTV Sat provides?
Yes. We can provide you with voice, data, WIFI, sound, video surveillance, and other technology solutions.  We can do this by having strategic alliances with other technology companies across multiple industries.

20. Will you provide references?
Yes. We make happy customers and are very proud of our work. A list of references can be supplied upon request. 


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