Amenities - the definition of amenities shown below, while correct, no longer carries the true value that amenties brings to the business owner.


plural noun: amenities
a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place.
"heating is regarded as a basic amenity"
While it's true that amenities are a desirable feature, the facts are clear that when a business is lacking these "basic amenities", customer satisfaction is low and return visits are impacted.
Customers look for, and expect, more comforts when choosing where to eat, live, park and house their loved ones.  Amenities have really become mandatory features for businesses that look to be a dominate force.
The good news is that while you must offer these amenities for your guests to stay competitive, your business can use the same technology to improve your business flow and create a seamless, optimized business that improves overall satisfaction.
Standard Amenities for all business include;
Read details about each of these amenities below and get ideas on how to take these amenities to the next level for your business.  Our business team is standing by to help with your questions and concerns. 
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