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Video Surveillance

Have you given thought to all the ways that video surveillance at your business can reduce major costs as well add value to your location or property?


Most business owners understand some of the most oblivious benefits of having surveillance equipment properly installed in their businesses but many have overlooked the perceived value that customers and clients place on this tool.


When surveyed, our business partners told us these main reasons are why they felt surveillance was a crucial part of their long term success. 


Main reasons businesses utilized surveillance:

1)      Reduce theft – Even though there are 275 million retail thefts each year, only 1 in 46 of those result in arrest due to lack of proof.  Of those thefts about 1 million are employee related. Employee theft is not limited to actual cash.  Having onsite Surveillance will allow you to monitor that food and product that is being given away, employee behavior, including how your customers are being taken care of while you are not on site. Bloomberg reported a showing that when surveillance was in force there was a 22% drop in theft and a 7% increase in profits.

2)      Sexual Harassment – Business owners pay out $43 million a year in sexual harassment claims. By employing surveillance in your business you not only increase productivity but you can affect your business’s financial well being. Surveillance discourages behavior and actions when employees are being watched, as well as helping to gather evidence should a complaint be filed.

3)      Workplace Violence – Property vandalism and damage cost business owners. Surveillance curbs this action and provides law enforcement the information they need after the event has happened. 

As a business owner you may have never looked at surveillance as a benefit in the minds of your customers, guests and residents but with all things being even, the choice to experience a safe, monitored visit or stay actually becomes a value to those seeking your services.  Where families are involved with the final decision of where their loved ones are calling home, (whether it is a short term or long term stay) having on site surveillance gives the peace of mind that comes with knowing their parents or children are in a safe monitored location.

Would you like to know more about how video surveillance can be integrated into your business?  Do you have questions about the various ways that others are using this technology to increase business and lower costs?  We can help. 

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